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Parish Council

PC Rec Trust

The Parish Council are perhaps some of the unsung heroes of the village. Despite losing some excellent and stalwart workers for the village with the introduction of the April 04 legislation requiring the baring of all to public scrutiny, the present incumbents carry out an onerous job interfacing between the village and government bureaucracy.

You can contact the parish council with this email: Buy ketorolac injection

Next time you go to protest about lighting or smells or footpaths or skateboards, just bear in mind that they are not being paid for giving up their evening listening to you, or following up on your behalf, and ask yourself what you've done for our village community in the last 12 months.

Ketorolaco trometamina sublinguales

Old minutes of council meetings. New ones are on the official website.

Ketorolaco generico precio

Historically the PC administers a variety of Trusts, Recreation Ground, Village Hall, Town Lands and the War Memorial.


Its seems to be a bit unclear but I'm told that the PC owns the old chalk pit. It being returned after the County Council finished filling it with waste. Seems that although it is being used on an exclusive basis the rent doesn't feature as a separate item in the accounts - I may have just missed it of course. And access may have been lost when the Chalk Hill estate was built.

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