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Differin is used for treating severe acne.

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Can you get adapalene over the counter ?" "I think not. But if you have questions that are not answered in our FDA monograph on topical salicylic acid you can always call the FDA. We would love to talk you." So I called and spoke with the FDA. I explained that I'm a doctor and treating lot of girls with acne and wondering if the FDA would allow me to use topicals. "We don't have any information about that," the woman said, and then she told me about the monograph. "And it's only for topical acne." "Well, what about the other types?" I asked. woman again told me that she didn't know, referring me to the FDA monograph on topical acne. The woman told me: "I'm sorry, but we don't have any information. The FDA does not monitor or regulate non-prescription products that are used to treat conditions other than acne, like blemish lines or scars. The FDA would be concerned with any non-prescription product that is used to treat conditions other than acne such as melasma, redness, scars, and other skin conditions. The FDA would want to know. Do they monitor or regulate skin lightening products anything like that? No." "So I'm free to use any product I want?" asked. "Well, that may happen. In fact, the FDA is considering expanding their database and the FDA has ability to ban any product containing epoxyingtol." "Well...I'm not sure how that would work," I said, and was pretty upset. As a dermatologist, I have the biggest possible database of nonprescription products and derived from prescription drugs, so if I can't find a topical product that's made of epoxyingtol from some place like Korea, I have no way to treat my patients with products that actually work -- but these products may not work anyway. So if they ban epoxyingtol, I won't get my prescriptions filled at all, and if they do, I may not be able to treat my patients with non-prescription products that work. The FDA declined to contact me any further about the epoxyingtol situation and that was that. This the last time I got any information about epoxyingtol. What was the deal with that? When I asked my acne-treatment doctor about this issue, he said all it takes is one call up to the FDA shut your study down. He said the most interesting thing he learned when spoke with a number