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Political Parties

If clicking on an item below doesn't link, then the group hasn't provided any more information or asked for its own page yet, and the only additional information, if any, will be in the information book


Liberal Democrat

Local politics are dominated by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, both of which have their own pages on this site following requests in Feb 2007. Any other group can have their own page (provided I can see some relevance to the village!). Apologies if this page goes out of date - it means that nobody has reminded me that things have changed!

Foxton's MP for South Cambridgeshire is Heidi Allen (Con), its District Councillor for Foxton & Fowlmere is Deborah Roberts (Ind) and its County Councillor for Melbourn Divn is Susan van de Ven (Lib).

Amazingly our County Councillor changed from Con to Lib in the 2009 election but in the County as a whole the Con / Lib ratio stayed exactly the same - Con

The MEPs for the Eastern Region from 2009 are:-

Christopher Beazley (Conservative), Andrew Duff (Lib Dem), Richard Howitt (Labour), Robert Sturdy (Conservative), Jeffrey Titford (UKIP), Geoffrey Van Orden (Conservative), Tom Wise (UKIP)

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